Support - Support to Non-Chinese speaking pupils


Our school participates in Facilitating the Learning of the Chinese Language of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Kindergarten (K.3) Students in the Transition to Primary School coordinated by Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. Our teachers receive training from professional instructors to improve their skills and methods in teaching Chinese to NCS pupils. The learning model with fun games and story-telling inspires NCS pupils’ interest and ability to learning Chinese and helps them develop in listening, speaking, reading and writing for better preparation for primary school education. We also cooperate with Po Leung Kuk in Supporting Programme for the Non-Chinese Speaking Children to provide with NCS parents and pupils after-school Chinese learning groups and multi-aspect and interactive learning through games to help them communicating in daily social. The programme also offers seminar, interest class and workshop to NCS parents to develop their interest and strength. At the same time, there are interactive activities between NCS parents and local parents to enhance NCS parents’ understanding to local culture and social circle. This helps NCS parents and children to learn and grow happily in an inclusive campus.

Activity Highlights

Po Leung Kok After-school Chinese Lessons for non-Chinese students

Non-Chinese Students Chinese study Interface between Kindergartens and Primary schools by HKCU