Support - Support to Non-Chinese speaking pupils


We adopt the learning resources from “Jockey Club – Learn Chinese with Fun” launched and developed by The Hong Kong University, The Education University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Teachers to non-Chinese speaking pupils are professionally trained to use story books and interesting games coupled with learning themes to inspire non-Chinese speaking children to develop interest in learning Chinese. This enhances their learning abilities for listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese to solve problems in daily life and social interaction. Children can enjoy learning Chinese and be prepared for primary schools.

Activity Snapshots


A Non-Chinese speaking child learns how to write Chinese

A Non-Chinese speaking child tastes food from her hometown

A Pakistani parent teaches children how to play cricket

A Non-Chinese speaking child plays with local students in harmony

The Non-Chinese speaking children learning Chinese (enhanced class)

Preparation meeting for the Chinese supporting scheme for Non-Chinese speaking students in kindergartens(School-based Support Services of the Education Bureau, organized by the School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong)

A Non-Chinese Speaking Parental Meeting in 2021/22 School Year

Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking and students with Special Education Needs to learn Chinese in 2021-22 School Year ~ Teaching videos

K1 Story《我們一起玩》

K1 Story《旅行》

K2 Teaching theme (New Year)

K2 Story《送禮物》

K2 Story《神秘袋》

K3 Teaching theme (New Year)

K3 Teaching theme (Sports)

K3 Teaching theme (Stationery)

K3 Teaching theme (Family members)

K3 Teaching theme (Animal)

K3 Story《賣物會》